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Get A REAL Photo Booth!

Get A REAL Photo Booth!

IndianaBride Magazine posted an article today about the truth of Photo Booths! Indy Photo Booth meets all of these standards and more! Check it out below or click HERE

“Photo Booths at weddings are the latest rave in wedding reception excitement. Brides and Grooms have been putting more thought into creating an enjoyable and memorable experience for their wedding guests and looking for some new, fun ways to do it. The best thing about a Photo Booth for your wedding is that it not only acts as entertainment for the event but it will give your guests a personalized wedding favor that will certainly make them smile!  It’s adds a whole new, with a touch of the old, dimension to the reception experience!

Questions To Ask When Looking for Wedding Reception Photo Booths

1. REAL Photo Booths? First and foremost is to know the difference between a REAL Photo Booth and Photo Booth “set up” that people claim are a Photo Booth. There is a big difference!  Make sure you know what the Photo Booths looks like and that it will look good in your venue. A real Photo Booth is one that you can get in, close the drapes, press a button and let the photo booth take a series of photos automatically.

2. Social Media Uploads? Newer Photo Booths allow your guests to share photos in real time by uploading their pictures & video directly to Facebook or sending to an Email address.

3. Quality of the Photo Booths? You get what you pay for so take the time to really research to make sure you get a high quality Photo Booth.  Ask to have a sample print sent so you can see that they are professional quality.  Prints come in glossy or matte, color or black & white- you or your guest should have the option to choose. Check websites to make sure that they use the high quality printers and equipment.

4. How Much Are Photo Booths? – In the Indianapolis area the amount you should expect to pay for a photo booth rental can range anywhere between $700-$1200 for a 3-5 hour rental.  You can certainly find Photo Booths for less but be prepared for flimsy booths and pictures with blurriness, red eyes, or under/over exposure.  REAL Photo Booths are dependable, sturdy and will not be subject to being knocked down by a large groomsman who has been over-served.

5. Time of Rental For Photo Booths? Most wedding receptions book Photo Booths for 3-5 hours.  The time really depends on the total number of guests you expect to come and if you schedule it between the wedding and reception or early, complete, or late in the reception timing.   Make sure you know if extra charges apply for going over your allotted time.

6. Guest Book Capability? Having a guest book accompany the Photo Booth is a fun and wonderful way for your guest to leave their best wishes along side their photo.   Photo Booth prints doubles so after leaving one in the guest book your guests will also take one home as a souvenir. Find out if a guest book is included, or what the additional cost would be.  The Photo Booth Guest Book should be high quality with removable pages and the pens, scissors, and extra pages for the guest book should be included.

7. Can Guests Get Extra Prints? Some Photo Booth company’s charge extra for this. You want to make sure that everyone will get to take a copy home regardless of how many people cram into the booth and you still want one to print out for your Photo Booth Guest Book if you have one.

8. Logo And Branding? See if it is an option, and included or an additional charge, to put the Bride & Groom’s name and date on the Photo Booth strips. Or think about how you else you would like to personalize the Photo Booths and/or the Photo Booths strips.   Turn your Photo Booth picture strip into an unforgettable wedding/party favor.  See if there is also an option for a custom printed banner of the Bride and Groom’s engagement picture and a personalized greeting for a small additional fee.

9. What Happens After Your Event? Do you get a copy of your Photo Booths prints?  Photo Booth images can be uploaded to a password protected gallery, with no expiration date, so you and all your guests can download a free digital copies.  Also all the high-resolution images from can be burned to a DVD and a shared copyright release included?  She if this is included with your package.

10. Do Your Homework! There are plenty of cheap Photo Booths out there that are home made and have poor quality images.  The Photo Booths should be designed to blend into a wedding reception and perform effortlessly giving your guests a REAL Photo Booth experience.

11. How Far In Advance Do You Need To Book? As with anything with wedding planning, the sooner the better- but plan on booking our photo booth for your event at least 3-6 months in advance.”